Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The first day

"So what", you ask, "is this Little Miss Sassy Pants thing all about. Who is this sassy panted lady and why would I want to follow her blog?"

Well, I am a 35 year old woman who is getting divorced. And in the midst of this crazy life changing experience I have decided to risk it all and follow my heart- I am opening a bakery. A bakery that specializes in all things little and cute-cupcakes, mini cakes, tarts, chocolates, mini pies. If its a mini version of a baked good and its cute, I make it! Also, I am pretty funny. Really! I am known to make people laugh so hard they spit coffee, coke and wine all over their keyboards! So stick around, I might just make you laugh or smile when you need it most!

I have big dreams for Little Miss Sassy Pants Bakery. I hope you'll follow me as I watch them come true, and laugh with me along the way. Because we gotta dream and we gotta laugh. Really, what else is there? And we might as well do it together.


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