Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tassels, my new obsession

I just started learning to make tassels and I am already becoming obsessed. I look at everything and wonder "can that be used as the top of a tassel?" Seriously, nothing is safe- Max better watch out or I might just tassel his greenies or something.

Max: wonder dog, greenie afficianado, 
uncontrollable licker. 

So, after I completed the quilt I decided to start on a few smaller projects. These tassels were the perfect choice. They are easy to make, and fun too!

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam was my first attempt at making a tassel and I think he came out quite nicely. I can just imagine him hanging inside a large patriotic wreath or on a glass doorknob. So.Stinking.Cute!

Bird is the word

This adorable little bird was my second attempt at making a tassel. I am pretty pleased with the final result, but I think I'd like to make another one- this time making it a bit "fatter". 

You should give the tassels a try! They are so much fun and can be made in about 15-20 minutes! I plan on making more for the grand opening of my etsy store ( keep checking here and I will let you know when it finally opens, and offer blog follower discounts). 



Maria said...

I'm visiting from Saturday is Craft Day. Your tassels are very cute, love the bird on top.
I can just imagine the sacrifices your family is making with your husband in the military. May God bless your family and may he watch over your husband.

Little Miss Sassy Pants said...

Thank you so much! Your support, and the support of others like you makes being a military wife a little easier :-)

FrouFrouBritches said...

Love the tassels. Gorgeous!


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