Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's going on in my life?

Well, since you asked...

I am preparing for my move to Georgia, which is in 45 days! 45 days? ACK! I am nowhere near ready. You would think after spending my entire life as a military dependent that I would have this moving thing down pat. But honestly, the only thing I've mastered is moving time procrastination. I need boxes, I need space bags for my clothes, I need to finish all the projects I've promised myself I'd do before the move- like recovering a love seat and ottoman, refurbishing a large 3 person swing and creating all new cushions and canopy for said swing, making a shell framed mirror, a tassel for a friends daughter... The list goes on and on but I'll stop now because all this is giving me a stomach ache.

Normally the Navy comes and packs up my stuff. And luckily most of the large items are in Georgia already, but since Mr. Sassy Pants and I were separated and are now reconciling we have to do this move on our own, the Navy isn't helping (even though 8 years of Special Ops certainly paved the road to our separation).  Ugh. And quite honestly, I think the Navy would probably rather we didn't reconcile, and considers dependents a huge burden but thats a whole other blog post...  *sigh*

So, today I am working on the canopy for the swing. I finished creating the pattern and cutting all the pieces last night. Now the sewing begins. And hopefully, i can squeeze in some laundry and a shower in there  at some point, because I really really need a clean body and clean clothes. Im starting to resemble a wild animal.

So, wish me luck. And if you see a woman drowning in a sea of fabric and stuff that should be in boxes already? Don't worry, its just me, and life as an Army daughter and Navy wife have fully prepared me to handle just such an occasion.


Claire Wise Photography said...

If anyone can pull it off you can :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Good luck with your move! I know how hard it can be.


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